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Why can't I find Wireless Charge Connection on my ALLDOCK Wireless Family?

Posted by Adam Heelis on


There are many variables involved, so we must narrow down the cause. Please follow the following steps.

1. Is your device Wireless Compatible? Almost all Phones and selected wearables manufactured in the last 2-3 years have wireless charge function. This includes iPhone 8 or Samsung 6 and above. For more information please refer COMPATIBLE WIRELESS PHONES 

2. Remove the top tray a check that the wireless pads are clipped securely in the underside clips, ensuring the pad pushes flush against the bottom side of top tray. There should also be rubber tape placed between pad and clips to maximise tightness. Also check that both cable connections from Charging HUB to Wireless Pad are inserted securely.

3. Check you do not have a case which obstructs the wireless conduction flow. This includes magnetics / metal or excessive thickness (5mm+)

4.Confirm that the Charger HUB is operating sufficiently? Is the blue power light illuminated? Can you charge a device via each of the ports with direct cable connection?

5. If this is all OK, we need to check the wireless pad performance. The pad can be removed from the top tray. Test the pad directly onto a wireless device. Remember to slide the device slowly towards the top of the pad while searching for induction. Our charging coils are slightly higher offset in the naked wireless pad for optimal performance in our docks. (Illustrated Below)


6. We possibly have an issue with devices position on the ALLDOCK when seeking connection. We recommend you experiment the position of your device on the front deck. Ensure the device runs parallel with deck and the middle of device (coil position) stays 100% on the deck surface.

In the duel wireless format, each end of the wireless surface is independent, and positioning needs to be individually sort.


As the Alldock Deck is a large surface area, what is important is the phone is positioned directly across the internal wireless coils. Although there is often variability of internal coils position by Phone Type, we do recommend you start with the phone bottom edge parallel with each end of the dock. (As illustrated above)  The sweet spot is Approx 7cm inside from each left and right edge. The coils do not cover the entire deck so positioning is imperative. Note for Large PLUS size phones it is likely the top or bottom side will hang over the deck edge.

 After a number of times creating successful connection we are certain you will build confidence in the ideal position. We also recommend you wait approx 5 seconds when charge is initiated to ensure a secure induction charge continues.

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