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Why can't I find a wireless connection on my ALLDOCK Wireless Powerbank?

Posted by Adam Heelis on

As a first step please refer to basic instructions @  INSTRUCTIONS

Please also consider the below charging dynamics.

1. Is your device Wireless Compatible? Almost all Phones and selected wearables manufactured in the last 2-3 years have wireless charge function. This includes iPhone 8 or Samsung 6 and above. For more information please refer COMPATIBLE WIRELESS PHONES

2. To activate Wireless Charging press the side button once. The bottom edge light will illuminate purple/pink. If the button is pressed twice the wireless function is turned off (bottom edge light illuminates blue and only USB Port power output). 

3. This product has been designed to be installed and used in ALLDOCK charging station. As a result, the induction charging coils are positioned higher on the pad. If using this product outside of ALLDOCK you must ensure the phone is placed slightly higher on the powerbank (As illustrated below). This will ensure the best connection.



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